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Why Mami is the best ‘sheroe’ of all

posted May 10, 2019 | in Ask Latinitas by Latinitas staff

May 12 marks Mother’s Day, an annual celebration where children young and old have the opportunity to show appreciation for their mamis by showering them with gifts, flowers, hugs and breakfast in bed. Latinitas club members’ enthusiasm for media and technology comes from strong values in education and an endless supply of curiosity that start in their homes. In many cases, young girls’ mothers are the first champion of their daughters’ dreams and aspirations, drastically raising the chances the Latinitas will lead fulfilling professional and personal lives as adults.

A handful of our club members — Ashley, Keyanna, Anabella, Zuri, Lina, Ximena, Mia and Valeria — shared why their moms are their heroes, or sheroes, and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

Keyanna said her mother teaches her about her heritage and is “loving, kind and inspiring.”

Meanwhile, Zuri said her mom helps her in every facet of life including her school work. “Without her, I wouldn’t know what to do,” she said.

Valeria said her mother takes her to Mexico and shares her culture, traditions and history with her giving her a broadened life perspective. “She makes me proud to be Mexican,” Valeria said.

Check out the full video below.



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