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Latinitas Magazine has been publishing for 20 years with 6-10 monthly articles focused on pop culture, college and career attainment, health and wellness, technology, and all things Latina Empowerment. From its inception in 2002, Latinitas aimed to reach an audience of young Latinas, ages 15 and older. Throughout its history, Latinitas has published more than 1000 articles in English and Spanish that share a more in-depth, personal look of what it is to be a young Latina in the United States.

Since 2002, many policies and events have impacted and drastically influenced what it means to be a woman. Today, our Programs welcome young girls, women teenagers, and non-binary children and teens. In keeping up with progressive politics and our mission to support youth and young adults innovate through media and with technology, we want to build an inclusive space for up-and-coming writers to shed light on current issues Latina women, women, and non-binary people go through. We also aim to cover popular culture, current events, and business and technology articles through a Latina, Woman, and non-binary persons lens. 


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