• Camila Dejesus has been writing since she was a child and enjoys all forms from creative writing down to narrative analysis. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a bachelor's in Television and Radio Production and is working full-time at Latinitas Magazine. In her free time, she loves writing stories and doing creative projects such as water coloring or creating poem collections. However now, her greatest passion is trying to find new topics that will engage and inspire Latinx youth.

  • Sonia Noorbakhsh is a writer intern for Latinitas Magazine. Born and raised in the Bay Area, California, Sonia is now in her fourth year of college at UC Berkeley. She is majoring in English and spends most of her time reading and writing on a wide variety of subjects. Sonia is a creative and passionate individual who loves to make her own jewelry, to travel, and to spend time with her cats. She is thrilled to be a part of the Latinitas team where she can write for the Latinitas Magazine and participate in meaningful, world-lifting discussions.

  • Jenny Castro is a writer intern for Latinitas Magazine. Born in San Antonio, Texas and now residing in Seattle, Washington, Jenny is also a freelance journalist for a variety of media outlets. She has a bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice from Central Washington University, and also holds a certificate in women’s entrepreneurial studies from the University of Washington. Jenny has a passion for storytelling and is a curious writer always looking for her next story. In her free time, she spends time reading her favorite books, watching classic Hollywood films, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. She is excited to be apart of the Latinitas team.

  • Mayra Ramales is media creator and analyst from Queens, NY and currently residing in Austin, TX. She studied science communications at LaGuardia Community College and New York University, and holds a dual Masters of Arts in Latin American Studies and Radio-Television-Film from The University of Texas at Austin. She has been an active concert photographer in the New York City and Austin music scenes for the past decade. She joined Latinitas as Magazine Editor in summer 2022. Her goal is to connect media creation to political issues in order to build awareness and cultivate curiosity, courageousness, and autonomy in up-and-coming young women writers.

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