Camp Latinitas

Girls between 9-14 years old with a desire to express themselves through media and technology are invited join Latinitas during our summer camp schedule. Stay tuned for 2018 programming.



Come express yourself through media and technology. Are you into video games or new technologies like websites and social media? Come learn about innovative media technology such as web design, app creation, graphic design, video animation, social media, video game development, robot design, video and photography editing, computer science, electrical engineering and visits from innovative developers. This camp begins with storytelling, art and design and takes girls to the next level of video game development.


Have you ever watched a TV show wondering what goes on behind the scenes? Get ready for an audio-visual adventure in Latinitas’ film camp. Girls will practice writing a script, acting, filming, video editing and make a video debut.  Girls are invited to get an insider sneak peek with Latinitas to make their own video production.


Latinitas will inspire girls ages 9-14 to find their creative expression outlet by producing original multimedia arts projects during this day camp. Campers will learn how to create original photographs, poems, arts & crafts, audio pieces, essays, designs and short movies.