Adieu to the Flu

By Ariana Maria Virginia Perez

Invisible to the eye
the infection spread silently 
from Wuhan to New York City.   

The count of dead bodies charted its path
and displayed its power: screaming death, bustling flu.

A silent demon
Scientists say it is a variation of the common flu
but a version encoated with aggression, exhaling hate.

How long before life returns to travel?
Hope is the day I can take a vacation and hold you.

Pictures look so much better with facial expressions;
hope is the day when I can see your smile  

No bullets to fire will end this war, 
only a shot in the arm will put an end to all this harm.

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  • Anna Martinez

    My name is Anna Martinez. I am New Mexico born and raised, however, my family is from Chihuahua Mexico. I am a recent graduate of St. Edwards University where I majored in Global Studies and Writing and Rhetoric. I enjoy writing about powerful Latina role models and I enjoy expanding on my learning through Latinitas. I think that by having powerful Latina role models we can change many of the narratives within our community, unite as women, and find power within ourselves. My hope is that my writing inspires young Latinas and incites change within our Latino communities.

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