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Adieu to the Flu

By Ariana Maria Virginia Perez Invisible to the eye the infection spread silently  from Wuhan to New York City.    The count of dead bodies charted its path and displayed its power: screaming death, bustling flu. A silent demon Scientists say […]


Repeat: Video Story

By Natalie Salguero AUSTIN, Tx. — While adjusting to new ways during the pandemic, life has become repetitive and an endless cycle of boredom. Adults and teenagers alike, struggle to find a meaningful balance between family and work. Every day […]


Una Nochebuena de Luto

By Miryam Pinto While many Americans gather together on Christmas Eve, watching classic holiday movies like “Home Alone” or set out cookies for Santa Claus; Latinx households prepare for the mother of all holidays: Nochebuena. Nochebuena, which translates to “holy […]

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