Bad Bunny Turns Austin Into A Dance Party With ‘The Most Wanted’ Tour

Photo Credit: Gustavo Aguilera

This past weekend Bad Bunny took over the Live Music Capitol with back-to-back shows at The Moody Center, and we have all the details. Latinitas’ amazing Senior Programs Manager and longtime Bad Bunny fan Beatriz Castillo was in attendance, and told us all about it, “I was seated in the 100s area, lower bowl [so] it was amazing. When he got into the elevated stage I could see him so close, and honestly, I was in complete shock. Even just being in the Moody Center you get such a close look at the artist, but that was just to another level. I can’t believe I saw him that close.” 

Castillo had seen him before when he came for his Un Verano Sin Ti Tour back in 2022, “That was an amazing tour, it was just like a party for three hours. I actually went twice in the same week!” But there were a few surprising twists during his latest Most Wanted Tour, “Halfway through he came in on a horse. Like an actual horse, it’s very cowboy-themed so that was so cool!” Horse aside, what stuck out most to Castillo wasn’t so much his showmanship as the overall message of his show, “I really loved how the main theme of his concert, honestly the last tour as well, was him just telling his fans to be true to themselves. Just believe in what you want to do, obviously don’t harm anybody, be the best version of yourself that you can be, but don’t let other people’s views of you or how they might judge you steer you away from your true potential. Which just sticks with me, and I think it’s great.” 

Getting to see an icon like Bad Bunny live is already incredible, but getting to see him in Latinitas hometown made it all the better, “I loved him going to Austin like him just saying “My Austin people”. I grew up in Austin, before we had to travel to Dallas [or] Houston, and having them in Austin and being surrounded by Austinites and just enjoying the performance was amazing. You could feel that Bad Bunny loves his fans and he loves what he does, so I came out super happy!” 

If you want to see Bad Bunny live, check out his website to learn more about The Most Wanted Tour, happening right now!


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