Latinitas Shines At SXSW EDU With Panel On Latina Prosperity

Yesterday, March 6th, Latinitas was invited to record a live taping of our podcast Conversando for SXSW EDU! The episode “Building An Ecosystem for Latina Prosperity” featured three panelists, Stephanie Garcia from the Intercultural Development Research Association, Johanna Moya Fábregas from Con Mi MADRE, and our incredible Executive Director Gabriela Kane Guardia from Latinitas. Supporting the panelists was moderator, Every Texan’s Jaime Puente, who led the ladies in conversation by starting off with some alarming news. 

“We know that women in Texas make up half the population, and by 2060 there will be 22 million women in Texan. A big driver of that growth has been Latinas. Between 2009 and 2022 the Latina population grew to 5.7 Million, making up more than a third of all Texas women. Now, and in the future, Latinas are central to the social and economic fabric of Texas and the United States. But their presence and numbers do not always translate to power and wealth.” 

What followed was a real conversation about the barriers that exist between Latinas and finding career success, the ways Latinas need to be supported, and the ways the incredible panelists seated on stage are helping create an ecosystem of Latina Prosperity. 

As Gabriela Kane Guardia explained, “Some of the barriers to career opportunities start in the home and this cultural expectation of being Latina. We know Latinas in general are very close to family and community and even more so Latinas may feel pressured to prioritize their familial responsibilities over pursuing their professional goals. So first of all, cultural barriers are one inhibitor to pursuing their careers. Also, systemic biases play a big factor in women pursuing careers is facing discrimination in the workplace. This can manifest in many ways, as we know the wage gap is still a big issue in the workplace. They may experience a lack of mentorship or finding allyship in the workplace, which also creates barriers for them to have opportunities for advancement. So, that’s why the efforts in building belonging in the workspace is so important to Latinas excelling in those spaces.”

To continue the conversation, you can listen to the full live episode on Spotify, or wherever you hear your podcasts, right now!


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