Valentine’s Gift Guide

February is the perfect month to celebrate love as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (Feb 14th). During this time, many go out of their way to show their appreciation and love towards their family, friends, and significant others. Whether you are throwing a Galentine’s Party, or celebrating with your spouse, consider getting them a budget-friendly gift that will spread joy, cheer, and a little romance! Check out the following gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

  1. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

    You can never go wrong with some chocolate! Add in some strawberries and it makes it even better. Surprise your significant other with some chocolate-dipped strawberries this Valentine’s season. Plenty of local bakeries and grocery stores will most likely carry them in stock around this time, and you can even make your own which provides a personal touch. When making your own, all you need is some semi-sweet chocolate chips (or chocolate bars) and strawberries. Melt the chocolate and dip the strawberries in (preferably a larger size). Add nuts and sprinkles to make it more festive. Dollar Tree also has some cute Valentine’s boxes which you can improvise when gifting your strawberries. Perfect treat and easy to make! Recommended recipe here.

  2. Perfume/Cologne

    Romantic and glamorous, gifting perfume or cologne is a fun way to top off Valentine’s Day if you decide to splurge a little.  Most women and girls love perfume, and Valentine’s is the perfect holiday to buy that special fragrance your lady, mom, or best gal has always wanted. For men, there are also amazing-smelling cologne options out there. Tiffany’s currently has a him and her’s fragrance which could be a great option for both men and women. Victoria’s Secret also has his and hers perfume and cologne for a great gift. Whatever brand you choose, a lovely-smelling fragrance will add some romance to your Valentine’s celebration.

  3. Romance Novel+Candle

Books are always great gift ideas, and there is no shortage of romance novels or great love stories out there. One amazing author that I highly admire has always been Jane Austen, whose novels have been turned into mini-series and feature films over the years. Recommended is the “Pride & Prejudice novel which tells the story of two characters that are the complete opposite but hold strong reservations about each other, eventually leading to love. Other great novels include “Sense and Sensibility,” and “Emma.”  Add a beautiful candle along with your book to add more of a romantic flare to your gift.  

4. Heart Shaped Cake

Another delicious dessert to gift for Valentine’s Day is a heart-shaped cake which is often sold at bakeries and sometimes local grocery stores. You can also make your own which is a fun and festive way to get you in the Valentine’s spirit. To make your own, all you need is a heart-shaped mold, cake mix, and frosting. Choose between chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, and surprise your family, friends, or spouse with your home-baking skills. Cupcakes are also an option if you prefer those over a cake. Check out this simple recipe here.

5. Photo Frame+Flowers

Simple but thoughtful, a photo frame along with your favorite picture goes a long way! Print out your favorite photo of your significant other and place it in a cute and romantic frame to let them know how special they are. Add some beautiful flowers and wrap up your photo gift and present it to them for Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet and charming gesture can really brighten one’s day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Feliz día de San Valentín!


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