4 Fun Ways To Celebrate The 4th

Light up those sparklers and get ready for a Party In the USA, it’s the fourth of July yet again! This Independence Day may be in the middle of a week, but don’t let that rain on your (4th of July) parade. Latinitas Magazine has four fun ways to ring in the 4th, and have a good time while celebrating country and community. 

1. Grill Up Some Deliciously Independent Foods

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By this I mean go outside and grill some burgers, of course! July 4th is a federal holiday, meaning your friends and family shouldn’t have school or work occupying their time. It’s the perfect day to invite everyone over for a classic grill session. Head over to the grocery store, grab some patties and buns, maybe even some onions to caramelize, and have yourself a delicious time enjoying the good food and even better company! 

2. Let’s Light Some Fireworks

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In films, iconic Katy Perry songs, and even real-life, fireworks are a known Fourth of July staple. Your town should be filled with suspiciously elusive fireworks booths that only ever show up around New Year’s or Independence Day. Simply head on over and purchase a few fireworks or sparklers of your choosing. Be sure to keep your neighborhood regulations in mind, and only light them if they’re allowed and you’re committed to being safe. With all that out of the way, there’s no reason why you and some friends and family can’t enjoy the beautiful glimmering lights, or the satisfying smell that comes from them. 

Alternatively, if your neighborhood does not allow fireworks, you can always check your town for any fireworks-related events on July 4th. Chances are there will be quite a few taking place, and who would want to miss out on an age-old tradition? 

3. Have A Pool Party – It’s Summer Afterall

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What time is it – Summertime! That’s right, it’s time to put on those flip-flops, douse yourself in sunscreen, and let the good times commence. July 4th is the perfect opportunity to have a pool party fit with good music and even better vibes as you chill out by the water. Don’t want to swim? Don’t worry! Half the fun of pool parties is the socialization anyway, and if you live in a complex that’s all the better! Meet some new neighbors, make some new friends, and celebrate another year of independence. 

This is the perfect way to bring the family together. Invite all the aunts and uncles, again, federal holiday so they have no excuse, and make it a poolside family reunion! The kids can play marco polo and you can be lounging nearby, letting all your cares float away. Really, what could be more American? 

4. Join In Some Community Fun

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If you’re not in the mood to host or don’t want to deal with any firework-related accidents this year, check out local events! There’s always something going on the Fourth of July. Austin has several Fourth of July events, from HEB’s Austin Symphony playing at their Concert & Firework event to Hill County Galleria’s Independence Day Festival. Your town is no different! Enjoy the live music, firework festivities, and joyous spirit of being together with your community this Independence Day. 

If nothing else, Independence Day is a great time to celebrate with the ones you love. 


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