Clarisa Ferreyra Combines Creativity and Mexican Culture to Create Lina Clar

Lina Clar was created by Houstonian and Mexican American, Clarisa Ferreyra, back in December 2019 with her first design, concha earrings she created as a gift for her older sister. Ferreyra, 21 years old, is currently working towards a bachelor’s in Christian studies and has a heart for missions. Ferreyra describes herself as a “serial hobbyist” whose creativity ultimately led her to creating and designing clay earrings inspired by her Mexican culture. 

Some of Ferreyra’s hobbies include acrylic watercolor painting, and sketching. She also enjoys practicing gel nail art and her most recent hobby is crocheting. Creating and designing clay earrings has been a wonderful addition Ferreyra has added to her love of arts. 

After discovering various posts of polymer clay art on social media, Ferreyra was inspired to create her own version of polymer clay earrings. At first, she did not intend to create a business out of it, but it was the demand from her friends and family for more earrings that caused her to create her small business, Lina Clar. Lina Clar comes from a nickname her family and close friends call her and Lina from her middle name. 

When asked what inspires her designs she states, “My Hispanic, more specifically my Mexican heritage has heavily inspired me. Starting with my favorite pan dulces and Mexican sweets and treats, then pottery designs… Food and sweets are just so much fun to make so in a lot of ways I take inspiration from them.” 

Lina Clar Concha Earrings 2022, Instagram

Ferreyra’s earrings range in designs from Talavera pottery, Mexican pan dulce, and sweets, to holiday-themed designs. Some of Ferreyra’s favorite designs include the cosmic brownies, the terracotta gold sunrise, and Valentine’s heart lollipops. Some of my favorites are from her 2024 Valentine’s Day collection, the cowboy heart earrings, the cherries earrings, and the brown pottery-inspired hearts.

Lina Clar Lollipop Heart Earrings 2024, Instagram


Lina Clar Valentine Cowboy Boots 2024, Instagram

Lina Clar’s earrings aesthetic is “colorful, light, and flowy,” as well as romantic and playful. Currently, for Lina Clar, Ferreyra is working on “designing/sketching some rodeo-inspired earrings and I would like to do more designs inspired by Mexican folk art and new terracotta hand-painted designs.” 


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