Cooking All Around: 6 Yummy Recipes From 6 Different Latin American Countries

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Welcome to our virtual kitchen! Like Italian, Chinese, and American typical food, Latin Americans have tons to choose from. Meals provide us with nutrients and energy we need for daily activities. It also reminds us of the beauty of our cultures, and the power we hold to maintain them. The following 6 recipes from Latin countries will feel like a trip. Let your inner chef explore new styles and enjoy dishes from all around. 

Mexico: Chilaquiles

Photo credit: Joe Lingeman 

Mexico is well known for the picante in their foods. The chilaquiles are fried corn tortillas dipped in hot sauce combined with cheese, guacamole, onions, and eggs. It can be topped with meat or simply cheese. It is a delicious spicy dish for picante lovers, and great for family gatherings. 

Easy Chilaquiles Recipe (With Salsa Rojo) | The Kitchn    

The word chilaquiles comes from the ancient Nahuatl word for “chilis and greens.”


Cuba: Ropa Vieja 

Photo credit: Vicky Wasik

Ropa Vieja originated in Spain, later on Cubans adopted this dish. For its visual representation, it takes its name, “old clothes” seen like thrown clothes. Cubans combine ropa vieja with other main dishes, normally they combine it with beans and rice. It is prepared with fresh ingredients like tomatoes, carrots, onions, and bell peppers. 

Ropa Vieja Recipe ( 

Ropa Vieja recipe, is over 500 years and originated with the Sephardic Jews in the Iberian Peninsula of Spain. In the Caribbean this delicacy is also known as Carne Asesina, Montevideo or Carne Vieja, how is this salty dish known in your region? 


Dominican Republic: Mangú y Tres Golpes

Photo credit: Owen Samson

The most important meal of the day; breakfast, in a Dominican style. Tres golpes is a dish with Mangú, which is mashed plantains with seasoning, salami ham, eggs, and cheese. Certainly, it is a full meal, and a great balance to start the day.

 Mangu [Recipe + Video] Dominican Mashed Plantains (

This dish has a deep-rooted history, and its name is of African Origin.


Puerto Rico: Pernil 

Photo Credit: Kitchen Gidget

This recipe can be tedious but definitely worth it. Pernil, for Puerto Ricans, can be like a Christmas present. It is a tradition to eat pernil as a compliment to the main dish, usually with pasteles, another famous treat. For the pasteles, the ingredients are mashed green plantains and yuca, with meat inside, wrapped in plantain leaf. Pernil is crunchy and soft pork meat, served every time of the year, birthdays, festivals, even at weddings!!! 

Puerto Rican Pernil (Roast Pork) – Kitchen Gidget

How to make Puerto Rican Pasteles (Step by Step) – Healthy Rican 

Pernil, serves as a dietary supplement for dogs.


Colombia: La Bandeja Paisa

Photo credits: Photographer Kelsey Hansen, Prop Stylist Thom Driver, Food Stylist Anna Hampton

La Bandeja Paisa is well known as a popular Colombian big dish. Its ingredients contain rice, beans, eggs, and meat. The avocado is that touch that combines and adds to the flavors it contains.

Bandeja Paisa Recipe | MyRecipes

La Bandeja Paisa is originated from the Andean region of the country, where the people are called Paisas.

Venezuela: Venezuelan Arepas 

Photo credit: Mitchelle Blackwood

Venezuelan Arepas are known for their fluffiness and crunchiness. This recipe has a vegan option for the stuffing of the arepas. It really shows how versatile it can be, from seasoned meat, jackfruit meat, or cheese with beans and guacamole. Keeping up with tradition and healthier options. 

Venezuelan Arepas – Healthier Steps

Arepas are a good source of carbohydrates, providing the body with energy; this can vary with the ingredients used.


Let us know what recipes you eat in your country, and most importantly have fun cooking!!! 


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