Get Published: Join Our FREE Magazine Writing Workshop This November

Latinitas is launching a new and exciting Magazine Program, a virtual online workshop where high school-aged students will get to pitch, create, and publish an article for Latinitas Magazine. Students will learn how to edit articles, navigate sites like Google Docs and WordPress, and gain real-world experience in writing for an actual publication all while meeting other like-minded teens! They’ll get firsthand experience in using the tools the experts use, elevating their college applications, résumés, and overall portfolios. 

The Workshop is separated into three virtual two-hour sessions, beginning Thursday, November 2, from 6 to 8 PM

Session 1: Students will learn what it takes to write for a magazine, and begin brainstorming what article they would like to create. 

Session 2: Students will share their pitches, decide on a topic to pursue, and learn how to navigate Google Docs and WordPress

Session 3: Students will share their edited pieces for their loved ones in a Virtual Showcase

Our Magazine Writing Workshop is totally free, and registration is open right now! So click here to sign up today! 


  • Camila Dejesus

    Magazine & Media Editor, Camila Dejesus has been writing since she was a child and enjoys all forms from creative writing down to narrative analysis. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a bachelor's in Television and Radio Production and works full-time at Latinitas Magazine. In her free time, she loves writing stories, water coloring, or playing songs on her Baritone Ukulele. Now, her greatest passion is finding new topics that will engage and inspire Latinx youth.

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