Achieving Equity and Belonging: The Critical Next Steps

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Originally Published on Dell Technologies

Our focus has been on taking critical steps to live who we are – a diverse company with unique perspectives – at our deepest level. So we’ve spent the past year taking purposeful action. The actions we’re taking will continue to help us address our most pressing societal issues and create a deeper sense of belonging among our global team of 158,000. Two of which are:

Expanding learning opportunities to drive inclusion: We evolved our diversity and inclusion foundational learning program and made it easier for team members to deepen their understanding of unconscious bias, intersectionality, in- and out-groups and microaggression. We’re excited that nearly 100% of our managers participated in learning experiences on these topics last year. But we need this to be something we all experience on a continuous basis. With our new approach, called Be the Change, team member participation will happen all year long at key points like performance reviews and check-ins with their manager or team.

Closing the tech talent gap and continuing to build a diverse leadership pipeline: We expanded our current partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities, minority-serving institutions, and community colleges – connecting virtually to foster relationships and help students build technology skills. This has already increased hiring from these schools by 42% compared to last year. And close examinations of our current workforce resulted in the promotion of women globally and underrepresented minorities in the U.S. (Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino) at rates higher than our current representation. This accelerates our pipeline for a leadership team where 40% identify as women globally and 15% identify as Black/African American or Hispanic/Latino in the U.S. by 2030.

We’re moving forward with the understanding that we must hold ourselves accountable for ensuring Dell is a place where we all can thrive as our authentic selves.

In the year ahead, we will focus on expanding opportunity for our teams and communities. We’ll support through action and advocacy, including continuing to support inclusive policy and legislation that impacts our local communities like access to digital technologies and skills. And we’ll keep continuous learning at the heart of our progress – to inspire more inclusive and equitable business practices we can embed throughout our organization.

Our success has ripple effects beyond our walls, into our communities and can serve as a catalyst for change. That’s our intention, and we look forward to sharing our journey and making our greatest impact yet.


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