Grace Sorensen’s Stuns In “Madness, Madness” Music Video Celebrating Individuality

Coming off the heels of dominating her first-ever solo set at ACL, local R&B Latina artist Grace Sorensen has released her latest music video, and it’s amazing. The single, “Madness, Madness” is a self-proclaimed “poetic baddie anthem” that celebrates individuality. The music video, which includes dancers from Sorensen’s Mother’s local dance studio The Dance Academy alongside feature dancers nineteen-year-old Riiqui and UT alum Charlotte Yun, is absolutely phenomenal. An homage to Sorensen’s dance roots, the video features movement in all forms, from contemporary to voguing. The song itself is an absolute banger, balancing heavy house beats with Sorensen’s trademark sultry croon. 

The star celebrated “Madness, Madness” with a Single Release Party at The Soho House in downtown Austin. It was there that I got firsthand insight into the inspiration behind the track, “[The song is] about embracing individuality amongst the chaos. Just staying true to what that is for you, for anybody, whatever that may be,” explains 23-year-old local dancer and “Madness, Madness” choreographer Sydney Marsjahn James. “That really spoke to me too. I wanted to get that message across, knowing that it was something that was coming from a genuine place. The process was almost too easy. It flowed…She texted me randomly out of the blue. She’s like, okay I’m doing this single, this is the song can you choreograph it–I’m like yes. I’ve always wanted to, for her especially just cause her music is always something that’s resonated with me.”   

Sorensen actually mentioned the song’s significance and its title in our previous conversation, meeting up with her now, I knew I had to get a fresh take, “I hadn’t even filmed the music video when I’d talked to you,” Sorensen notes. “But I had that vision, and I even told you about it, and so it feels so cool to have people be a part of every step of the journey, and then now it’s out. Bringing the Austin locals together, the two production companies PILLARBOXED and 2perf Productions they both are Austin-based, they both are born and raised in Austin, so it’s really dope to just bring us all together.” 

With lyrics like If it feels good ima do it and I love my company “Madness, Madness” is the exact poetic baddie anthem Sorensen set out to make. Preaching individuality, acceptance, and above all else self-love. In the video, Sorensen dawns an iconic short black Bob, nothing like the long wavy locks she rocks in person. I just had to ask what the inspiration behind the look was, “The song is about just doing you unapologetically. Even though there’s madness, there’s insecurities, there’s crazy things going on in the world…I know that sounds a lot deeper than a Bob,” Sorensen jokes, “but it kind of leads to the idea that you have to just commit to yourself and just being who you are. The night before I was like I really want to wear a Bob, and my mom was like ‘I don’t know if it’s a good idea’, and I was like but I have this feeling and I really want to wear a Bob. And you know, of course, that’s what the song is about! Just being yourself and doing what feels good. It’s really a baddie anthem, a baddie anthem but poeticized. So I really wanted it to be where I’m talking the talk, and walking the walk.” 

Me with Grace Sorensen at her Single Release Party!

Grace Sorensen’s music video for “Madness, Madness” is out now! Check it out on YouTube, and follow her on Instagram to get the latest info! 



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