Interview with Latinitas Startup Chica Student Mila

Latinitas’s one-day-only conference Startup Chica took place last Saturday and it was a rousing success! Throughout the day I had the privilege of getting to speak with some of the students about their experiences, including a nine-year-old named Mila. Mila has participated in Latintias events before, with her mother who volunteered as a mentor during both Future and Eco Chica. As her team was working on their final Workshop, Mila and I went to chat about how the day had been going, how Latinitas had impacted her life, and her Team’s idea for an app called Crafty. 

So far, what’s been your favorite part of the day? 

Well, I like writing down notes and like working [with] my team to come up with new ideas. 

Okay, yes! What’s something that you’ve learned today? 

I learned about starting up a business, some of that. 

So having done Future and Eco Chica before, what do you think about Latinitas? 

I really like it! It’s really fun. You get to interact with other people, and work with technology! 

That’s awesome! Was there anything that surprised you throughout the day? 

Well, I think it’s been surprising that the first two speakers had like a franchise and food trucks. 

Surprising that they knew each other, right? 


So, what do you wanna be when you grow up? 

I wanna be either an actress, a professional basketball player, or an interior designer. 

That’s amazing! That’s so cool! And learning these skills, getting to talk in front of people with definitely help out–that’s awesome! Have you ever thought about owning your own business?

Yeah, I’ve always liked fashion. And I like sewing too, so I’ve always wondered [about] starting my own fashion brand. 

Oh my gosh, I wish I was sewing at nine. Have you sewn before? 

I’ve made a pillow before!

That’s incredible! So, it’s the middle of the day–what is your team working on right now? 

We’re working on an app called Crafty. It’s an app that helps you with art, not just drawing [but] sketching, music, reading, things like that. It helps you be more confident with your art. 

Wow, that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see the presentation! 


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