“The Cher Show” Dazzles Houston: A New Musical To Groove To!

A glamorous musical and groovy show, The Cher Show is both dazzling and infectious. In this new musical, the glitz and glam of show business meets a comedic take on the ups and downs of the life of Cher. Yes, we’re talking about that Cher, world famous singer Cher who finally became a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee this year. Latinitas Magazine was pleased to attend the National Tour of The Cher Show during Media Night at The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston, and we cannot rave enough about it! Based on the life of Cher, the Tony Award-winning musical brings her story to life, turning back time from when she first started out as a pop artist to becoming the icon that she is today. The show premiered in Houston on Tuesday, April 16, and was presented by Theatre Under The Stars. This new musical caught our attention on Instagram and we jumped at the opportunity to attend, not knowing what to expect. We are so glad we got to see this show firsthand!

Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian, is a legendary pop star, actress, and TV personality. She is deemed the “Goddess of Pop” and recognized for breaking the glass ceiling for women in a male-dominated industry. She has worked in various parts of the entertainment industry and is known for her distinct singing voice and extravagant outfits. The Cher Show musical takes us through the journey of Cher’s life and the pivotal moments of her career. From her humble beginnings to her legendary rise, the musical transports the audience as if they were there with Cher through it all. Hands down, this musical is a fabulous delight!

Fans of Cher can expect to hear 35 of her greatest hits throughout the show. The song choices were tastefully arranged with every part of her journey to stardom and fame. You will feel as if you are there watching Cher in concert performing from every point during her singing career. The musical began with the song “If I Could Turn Back Time,”  which time traveled the audience to her childhood. The song “Half Breed” intensifies her experience of getting bullied as a kid, and “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” reveals her childhood muse, singing. The show ended with the song “Take Me Home” which is sure to get you out of your seat and dancing! Every song will help you empathize with Cher’s life experiences.

Catherine Ariale as Lady, Morgan Scott as Star, Ella Perez as Babe, and the cast of The Cher Show. Photo by Meredith Mashburn Photography.

The production was as captivating as Cher’s unique style. This show was abundant in its production items. The production team was able to successfully bring it all to life, like magic. It was quite impressive, especially for a national tour! From the setup of Cher’s childhood home to the various award shows she attended, there were plenty of set pieces to help bring each scene to life. The colorful lights shone as bright as if you were at a live disco from the 1970s, and each transition to the next scene happened smoothly. Not to mention, tons of the costumes were adorned with enough sparkles, sequins, and glitter that were sure to have the approval of Cher herself, especially every one of her iconic costumes originally designed by Bob Mackie. Production-wise this musical will impress even the most seasoned musical theater attendees.

The cast is a complete showstopper. It took three women to play the different phases of Cher’s career from Babe, Lady, to Star. Morgan Scott portrayed the legendary Star version of Cher impeccably. Her vocals shook the room, and her impression of Cher’s voice and mannerisms resembled the way she speaks and acts to a T. Watching her perform was like seeing Cher perform onstage herself. Also, Catherine Ariale and Ella Perez did not disappoint in portraying the younger, Lady and Babe, versions of Cher. Together, this trio of lead ladies embodied the sassiness and wittiness of the powerhouse vocalist. It is unbelievable that it was both Ms. Ariale’s and Ms. Perez’s national tour debuts. All three women deserve praise for a job well done. The supporting cast was just as impressive, among them Lorenzo Pugliese, Lucy Werner, and Mike Bindeman.

Ella Perez as Babe and Lorenzo Pugliese as Sonny in The Cher Show. Photo by Meredith Mashburn Photography.

The Cher Show musical was awe-inspiring because Cher’s entire life is an inspiration in and of itself. Despite the barriers she had to face from the industry trying to box her into what was trending at the time to her ex-husband, Sonny, controlling all of their finances, she refused to let that stop her from taking charge of her career and personal life, ultimately coming out on top. It’s no wonder she has successfully become a legend to this day and has had a strong influence on pop culture over the course of her whole career.

Catherine Ariale as Lady, Morgan Scott as Star, and Ella Perez as Babe in The Cher Show. Photo by Meredith Mashburn Photography.

The National Tour of The Cher Show musical is currently underway, with 2024-2025 tour dates pending. I highly recommend seeing the show in a city near you. Watching this musical will make you feel like you’re watching a Broadway show. It was filled with comedy, heartfelt moments, and fun times! If you’re looking to cackle unexpectedly, The Cher Show is a must-see this year!


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  1. Amazing show!!! Love the way the story of Cher’s life and rise of her show biz career was portrayed. Best show I have seen in a long time! Love your article very well written I felt as If I was there all over again.

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