5 Ways to Unwind This Summer

Summer is around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to unwind and relax as more sunny days approach and we officially hit the half-way mark of the year. For many of us, we’ve had to learn how to navigate through hectic work schedules, school, doctor appointments, and everyday life occurrences. As we enter summer, now is the perfect season to do things that we necessarily haven’t gotten around to, and it’s the perfect time to unwind before school begins and to take advantage of the lovely weather. The following are activities to consider when relaxing this summer season, and can help combat stress, and they are also a great way to have fun and enjoy life.


Haven’t gotten to your favorite novel or biography? This is a great time to grab a book and relax at home or at a nearby park for some leisure time. Reading helps stimulate the mind, and is a way to learn more vocabulary and comprehension. Reading can also take away from outside negative distractions of the day, and help your mind wander into an imaginative world. Some books to potentially check out can be autobiographies, historical non-fiction, and fiction on a variety of topics. Check out your local library or bookstore to find what suits you. 

2.Host a Picnic

Summer is officially picnic season. Since the weather is quite good in most areas of the country, hosting a picnic with your girlfriends or family is a great way to relax and socialize. If you don’t have a picnic basket, you can easily grab some snacks, drinks, along with a comfortable blanket and head to your local park for some outside fun in the sun. Picnic baskets are most likely available this time of year at groceries stores, or online on Amazon.


Ever wanted to try baking or cooking but haven’t had time? This summer would be a great start to learning some new recipes in the kitchen. According to psychologists, baking/cooking is a creative expressive outlet which helps people relieve stress. I know when I’m in the kitchen, I love to put music on while measuring flour and other various ingredients. This summer try baking a new fruit tart, or strawberry or blueberry pie. During summer, seasonal fruits such as peaches, watermelon, and cherries are more widely available and a great time to utilize them. Take a trip down to your local farmer’s market or local grocery store for some delicious seasonal vegetables and fruits. 

4.Take A Walk 

Walking is a great way to stay physically active and release endorphins that help increase happiness. Many of us may have desk jobs which restricts us from walking throughout the day. If you have time, try to squeeze in a small walk for at least 20 minutes. Taking a small walk every day is not only beneficial physically, but mentally as well. According to studies, walking has proven to be a great overall health benefit that can be simply done by just taking the initiative. Studies also show health benefits to walking that can help relieve stress, reduce high-blood pressure and burn calories. 

5.Spa Day

Treating yourself to a spa day is a must! Whether it is getting your nails done or choosing a facial, having some time to pamper yourself after a hectic day is a way to unwind. Find a local affordable spa near your location, and try something different this summer. If you haven’t gotten a manicure, pedicure, or massage for a while, don’t hesitate. Facials are also a nice way to relax while taking care of your skin. Skin care is extremely important, so make sure you are wearing sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF which helps protect your skin from radiation from the sun. Grab a friend or go solo, but most importantly make sure you invest in taking care of yourself mentally and physically this summer season. 



  • Jenny Castro

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