Impalas Magazine Holds Lowrider Supershow in Tacoma, WA

On Saturday, June 22nd, Impalas Magazine held their first annual Washington Lowrider Supershow in Tacoma, Washington (South of Seattle). Although the magazine has held events in other cities around the country, this was their very first in Washington State which saw hundreds of people in attendance. The supershow consisted of numerous local car clubs in attendance and many lowriders of various styles including Impalas, Lincoln town cars, Cadillacs, lowrider bikes, mini-trucks, Chevrolets, Lincoln Continentals plus more. A variety of vendors participated including Lucky Lashes (Chicano Makeup Brand), clothing vendors, and Mexican-American Actor Danny De La Paz, known for his classic films Boulevard Nights and American Me. The line to meet the actor was overwhelmingly long as people took photos and bought memorabilia such as stickers, hats, and movies. I also had the chance to get an autograph sticker and photo from the Boulevard Nights movie which was amazing. I actually had anticipated meeting the actor for some time and have to say he is very sociable and friendly.

Photo Credit: Jenny Castro

The event also gave out a few awards in different categories for the lowriders displayed, and prior to the show, a car-hop competition was in full view just outside of the Tacoma Dome. The car-hop consisted of showcasing each car with hydraulics at their fullest potential and seeing who could “hop” the highest. Rapper Spice 1 and old-school Chicano rap duo Lighter Shade of Brown provided entertainment towards the latter of the event which energized the crowd and brought nostalgia for those familiar with their music. A family-friendly event, it was nice to see the Latino community come out and enjoy their love for lowriders while celebrating Chicano culture and art at the same time. Impalas Magazine will next be in San Jose, California for their next event, and if you are in the Pacific Northwest area, Lowrider Magazine will be hosting their Lowrider Supershow in Portland, Oregon on August 3rd. For those interested in purchasing digital copies of Impalas Magazine visit Amazon. Merch is also available per their website.

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