Jenny’s Classic Critiques: Boulevard Nights (1979)

Released in 1979, Boulevard Nights is a film centered on two characters played by Richard Yniguez (Raymond), and Danny De La Paz (Chuco). The story focuses on Raymond and Chuco, two brothers living in East Los Angeles who navigate adolescence and young adulthood whilst being surrounded by a gang environment. Older brother Raymond has seemingly turned away from street life and encourages his younger brother Chuco to do the same. Raymond is handsome, charismatic, and displays leadership and wisdom while his younger brother falls victim to peer pressure, drugs, and gang activity which adds tension to their relationship.

Set in an East Los Angeles Chicano barrio, the film depicts the world of gang life and troubled Chicano youth. The story takes you on an emotional journey as we witness the struggles and differences between Raymond and Chuco and their loyalty to each other, their family, and friendships with others. The great thing about this film is we get a glimpse into the Chicano street lifestyle in California in the late 1970s. The fashion is on par with the times, and we see the young men (Cholos) dressed up in slacks, plaid polos, and white tanks. Female cholos are also briefly shown, and dressed to match their male counterparts. Coinciding with the film’s title, there is a particular scene where Chuco goes “cruising” in a lowrider along with his friends on the boulevard where a brawl erupts in the middle of the strip. The rivalry depicted in the film between Chuco and his enemies eventually has devastating consequences that affect his family, specifically his mother and brother Raymond.

The film is also great in that it conveys a realistic and authentic reality that many young Mexican-American men experience while living in the barrio which is a deeper reminder of our culture’s struggles with poverty, lack of education and generational wealth, and access to resources. The film gets an A+ for featuring Latino actors in their roles, along with a soundtrack perfectly fitting the overall ambiance of the story. Today, Boulevard Nights iis revered as a classic and was selected for preservation in 2017 by the Library of Congress for its cultural significance. Currently, actor Richard Yniguez is the CEO of Yniguez & Associates where he develops and produces various film projects. Actor Danny De La Paz is active in the community and frequently promotes his classic films. Catch him around the San Antonio area at Traders Village where he sets up for meet and greets along with selling Chicano and Pachuco-styled merch.

Boulevard Nights is available to rent or purchase via Amazon Prime and YouTube.


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