El Sol De Mexico: Luis Miguel Kicks Off 2024 North America Tour in Seattle

Luis Miguel, Mexico’s pride and joy and much-celebrated singing legend kicked off his 2024 North America tour in Seattle, Washington on April 4th. Performing to a sold-out crowd at Climate Pledge Arena, the sophisticated crooner wowed the audience with his charisma, style, and iconic voice. It had been 16 years since Miguel last graced the Seattle area in 2008, and fans were eagerly excited for the show. Known for his unmatched vocal range and classic romantic style, Miguel has wooed fans for nearly 40 years. Last summer, the 53-year-old Miguel also kicked off his 2023 tour (his first in 5 years) and performed in South America along with sporadic dates in the U.S. When he emerged with a brand-new look and much noticeably slimmer physique in Argentina, conspiracy theories floated around the internet with many fans speculating a “body double” was being utilized in his live performances. Many fans had become worried and suspicious over his drastic new appearance with others also claiming the real Luis Miguel had passed away or that he was ill. 

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Despite the rumors, “Micky” (as he is called by adoring fans and inner circle), has appeared to keep trekking as he continues to perform with many more dates to come. For his Seattle show, the first of his U.S. tour dates this year, doors were to promptly open at 7:00 pm, with an 8:00 pm show start time.  Upon arrival, I noticed an unusual line of fans trailing back to the Museum of Pop near the parking lot. Turned out that no one was let in the arena until after 8:00 pm, causing confusion and frustration among fans. I luckily was able to get in faster unlike everyone else who waited over an hour just to make the front entrance. In asking arena workers what caused the delay, we were told Miguel had just flown in from Uruguay and had a late sound check but also that he wasn’t too happy with the quality during that sound check which prompted the delay. Fresh off the Luis Miguel Netflix Series (2018-2021) which is filled with unexpected moments, horrible managers, and his many love interests, Miguel is no stranger to controversy or drama. The series itself chronicles his life since childhood and depicts his father as an overbearing abuser who uses and steals his own son’s money. His father, Lusito Rey Gallego, a native of Spain marries an Italian woman named Marcela Basteri, Miguel’s mother who’s been missing since 1986 causing Miguel distress over the years. There are rumors Miguel’s father had her killed or that she was found in a mental institution in Italy, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

In watching Miguel perform, one couldn’t help but think of his personal life and the series, and the would-be controversy of the fact he isn’t actually Mexican despite being dubbed by the Mexican press as “El Sol De Mexico,” which never hurt his Mexican fan base. According to the series, his own father leaked his son’s real ethnic heritage in retaliation although Miguel grew up in Mexico and adopted the country as his own.

In regard to Seattle’s concert, Miguel showcased his extravagant band, backup singers, and gyrating moves which earned screams from the audience throughout the night. He performed more than 20 songs including melodies of hits, and combined his signature love ballads with his well-known pop-infused songs including, “Sera Que No Me Amas,” (Jackson 5 cover), “Suave,” “No Se Tu,” and “Entrégate.” During the show, the audience was treated to a duet with Miguel and Frank Sinatra on the big screen, an iconic collaboration of “Come Fly With Me,” which was included on Sinatra’s “Duets II” album in 1994. Miguel also performed on Sinatra’s 80th birthday in 1995, 3 years before Sinatra’s passing. Miguel also showcased a duet with Michael Jackson singing “Smile.” Mid-way through, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, considered to be the best Mariachi out of Mexico by many, made an appearance and performed alongside Miguel for “La Bikina,” and “Si Nos Dejan,” amongst others. Fans were also treated to light up bracelets which synchronized with each other through the evening, making for a colorful display. 

Jenny Castro, Luis Miguel’s Seattle Show 2024

Before the show, Arturo Vargas, a prominent singer and member of Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán was spotted walking nearby which then I seized the moment to give a casual hello and snap a photo, a wonderful moment never to forget. Founded in 1897, Mariachi Vargas is one of the oldest musical acts out of Mexico and considered the best in their genre having once performed with Linda Ronstadt and recently with Luis Miguel over the last 25 years. In terms of Miguel’s performance, the crooner still has the singing chops and charismatic stage presence needed for live performances. A rare appearance in the Pacific Northwest, it’s unlikely he will be returning to the region anytime soon.

After Seattle, Miguel was scheduled to perform in Portland, Oregon, just 3 hours away but the show was postponed by one day. Also rescheduled was his Sacramento date from Sunday to Wednesday also due to technical difficulties which angered some fans. Made one wonder if any backstage difficulties were going on we weren’t aware of. Whatever the reason, if you have a chance to see El Sol in concert, consider going. Miguel is a living singing legend and has never crossed over into the English music market yet still remains arguably the greatest Latin artist in history, winning his first Grammy at just 14 years old. With plenty of dates to come in California, Texas, and Florida, there is time to grab your ticket before they sell out.

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