Grace Sorensen Will Return To Austin with Tribute Show Spotlighting Latin/BiPoc Talent

This Sunday, May 19th, Austin native and R&B artist Grace Sorensen is set to play The Parish in a tribute show honoring her father who recently passed. The show will feature Latin and BIPOC artists Smooth Nature and Euphonia, and a performance by Grace dedicated to Roger Sorensen. Doors open at 7 PM,  and tickets are available here.

Come together to celebrate life and community.


  • Camila Dejesus

    Magazine & Media Editor, Camila Dejesus has been writing since she was a child and enjoys all forms from creative writing down to narrative analysis. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a bachelor's in Television and Radio Production and works full-time at Latinitas Magazine. In her free time, she loves writing stories, water coloring, or playing songs on her Baritone Ukulele. Now, her greatest passion is finding new topics that will engage and inspire Latinx youth.

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