Latina Actors Amaze America Ferrera By Reciting THAT Speech From “Barbie”

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is the gift that keeps on giving. With iconic red carpet looks, legendary songs, and an even more incredible cast, Barbie is going to be in the cultural zeitgeist for a long time. Perhaps one of, if not the most memorable scenes in the film is when America Ferrera’s character Gloria looks down at a broken Barbie (Margot Robbie) and gives an emotional speech on womanhood. The stress of being a woman, the responsibility that comes with it. The expectation to be perfect, and the joy others feel when we inevitably fail. What does society want out of women? A sentiment all the more impactful coming from the Hondorian-American actress. 

It was the speech heard around the world. Countless women (myself included) getting teary-eyed in the theaters. Reminiscing on our own personal responsibilities. The metaphorical hoops we have to lunge ourselves through just to barely pass expectations. And the overwhelming knowledge that the next day, we have to get up and do it all over again. 

@goconstance Bless you @americaferrera for your amazing talent & representing us so well. Your strength and truth shine so brightly in Barbie. We see you. We feel you. We love you! ✨🔥💖✨ Thank you @its_rubes & #Equis for our chance to surprise America with this✨ #GloriasMonologue #AmericaFerrera #BarbieMovie #Barbie #Poderistas #Latina #Latinx #Latino #Women #womensupportingwomen #Sunday #SundayVibes #Fyp #foryou #sisterhood ♬ original sound – Constance Marie

Amid an exciting award season, Equis decided to surprise the actress by sharing a video where they asked multiple iconic Latina actresses to recite Gloria’s speech. The result, absolutely moving. America Ferrera shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Send help. Some of my favorite Latina sisters made this video reciting my #Barbie monologue and I am not well. Hearing these words come out of their mouths is like hearing them for the first time and it just hits different.” 

The video featured 9 Latina actresses (Xochitl Gomez, Constance Marie, Gina Torres, Lisa Vidal, Jaina, Angelique Cabral, Julissa Calderon, Jessica Marie Garcia, and Diana Maria Riva) each offering up their own interpretation of the speech, with the end result editing them together in one unifying and moving piece. The comments lost their mind, with users writing “One of the most powerful monologues in cinema history” and “Latinas raising up other Latinas. It’s beautiful! 🫶🏽” 

This monologue, and Latina’s closeness to it, is part of what makes Barbie so special. When I hear that speech, I don’t only see my struggles, I see my mothers. My grandmothers. I see Latinas who’ve existed generations before me. I see the way women, especially the ones in my life, have had to grind and tie themselves in knots to keep a family unit intact. The pressure we put on ourselves. Seeing all these Latina actresses come together to relay this message, originated by a Latina, is not only affirming, but it’s validating. 

Just another reason why Barbie stays on top. 


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