The Seattle Boss Market Holds Vision Board + Networking Event

This past Sunday on January 21st, 2024, The Seattle Boss Market held its 3rd annual “Vision Board + Networking” event in Kent, Washington. Founder Alondra Vasquez started The Seattle Boss Market in 2021 after opening her online clothing boutique PrettyAShop the previous year. Since starting “The Seattle Boss Market,” Vasquez has held vendor pop-up events around the Seattle area mostly in Burien, WA outside of her uncle’s Mexican restaurant “Casa Mixteca,” and at surrounding places in Tukwila namely Westfield Southcenter Mall. Over the past few years, The Seattle Boss Market continues to grow and has seen an increase in a variety of vendors. The pop-up events provide a way for small local businesses to sell their merchandise in a market-type setting, and include clothing and gift vendors, fashion & jewelry, beauty, delicious food plus much more. The pop-up’s are also family-friendly and usually take place on the weekends with various themes including a Valentine’s themed event next month. 

When it pertains to hosting her recent vision board event, Vasquez brought together over 30 women to visualize 2024, and I had the privilege of being 1 of 5 guest speakers in which I led the girls with a reflection and goal-setting worksheet to engage in their ambitions and aspirations for the year as well as reflecting on challenges. The event also featured a gorgeous black and pink backdrop to coincide with a “Pretty and Pink” theme created by Cinthya’s Creations, and also featured certificates, goodie bags, and a brunch set-up with pancakes, French toast, fruit, mimosas, and desserts.

Reflecting on the event, Vasquez provides more insight and sheds light on her journey as an entrepreneur, “Bringing girls together means to me that we can come together as a sisterhood to talk about our goals, ambitions, struggles, and personal and business life. We can also help each other grow instead of putting each other down,” she said. “By networking, we can open new doors and connect with people who can help us get to the next level. Being an entrepreneur has brought me out of my comfort zone, and has helped me reach the goals I have for myself. It has taught me that anything I set my mind to I can accomplish and that I have to be consistent and work hard every day to keep my business growing. Being an entrepreneur has not only helped me reach my goals but I can also help those who would like to reach the same goals when it comes to business or personal growth.”

During the event, we opened the mic for other women and girls to share their vision boards, ambitions, and challenges they have endured.  We had the privilege of hearing insight from many women who have gone through adversities as well as success. Not only is Vasquez a Latina entrepreneur, but she is also a mom of 4 children, “Being a stay-at-home mom and running my businesses has been challenging when it comes to time management, and I’m still trying to figure out a schedule that works, but the good side of it has been being able to work anywhere and having my kids with me. I am very thankful and blessed for the people who have supported this journey of mine. Together we can all help each other grow, build healthy friendships, and support one another to success,” she explained. “I would like to build this community for women this year to come out and network not only for business but to be a supportive group for any woman or young lady who feels stuck in this world who needs an extra push in life. I want to build that community for women to support and let them know they can accomplish anything they want all you need is the right circle to surround yourself with.”

Photo Credit: Alondra Vasquez

Next month, The Seattle Boss Market will be holding their Valentine’s Pop-Up Event on February 11th at Foster High School in Tukwila, WA. Vasquez will also be hosting a “Women’s Empowerment” next month and tickets are currently on sale.

Visit The Seattle Boss Market’s Instagram for more info. 




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