Music Review: Top 6-Concerts I Ever Attended

Throughout the years, I’ve had the chance to attend many amazing live shows and have seen a great amount of iconic musical artists along the way. Some of those artists include; Linda Ronstadt, Paul McCartney of The Beatles, The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, Kelly Clarkson, Janet Jackson, KC & JoJo (Jodeci),  Los Tigres Del Norte, Ramon Ayala, Usher, and personal favorite of mine Mariah Carey. Attending these live shows has been a memorable experience and takes me back to certain time periods in my life. Although they have been amazing, the following list concludes my top 6 concerts that I have ever attended. As a huge music lover, my taste spans through different genres such as pop, R&B, country, jazz, rock, oldies, and gospel. The following top 6 concerts were truly an unforgettable experience and some of the best live shows I have ever seen.

6. Michael Bublé

Last fall, I had the opportunity to see Mr. Michael Bublé. I had missed him the previous time he came to town and could not wait for this show! Everything about it was actually wonderful. Bublé came out dressed in a black tux, and performed with such charisma and charm. The crowd was a mix of all ages, and obviously filled with people who loved the classic American songbook, jazz, and swing music. Although Bublé is Canadian, (which sometimes I forget), he does a great job representing a specific time in classic American music. Reminiscent of singing icons such as Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin, Bublé has definitely mastered the art of performing, and I was highly impressed. Listening to his music since I was 17, I was so happy to finally attend one of his live shows, and witness the raw talent he exudes. I know he will eventually go on tour again, and I highly recommended checking out one of his shows.

5. Garth Brooks

In 2017, Country singing legend Garth Brooks went on a worldwide tour with his wife country singer Trisha Yearwood and played 4 sold-out shows in Tacoma, Washington, (about an hour away from Seattle). This was one of the best shows I had ever been to and my first official major country concert! I remember the crowd was super wild, and there was beer spilled all over the Tacoma Dome venue. The audience was crazy rowdy and singing word for word on every song Garth belted out! I was actually really surprised by Garth’s energy and charisma; he was all over the stage and really put on an amazing vocal performance as well. The concert was a fun and crazy-filled experience, and I got to see him perform favorites such as “The Dance, ”The Thunder Rolls,” and “Friends in Low Places.” The concert overall was so grand, and one that I hope to experience again.

4. The Scorpions 

 Last year in October of 2022, I had the chance to see German rock band, The Scorpions, who came to the United States on their “Rock Believer” tour, following their new album of the same name. I had never seen them live before, and I got tickets as soon as I could. Once again, I was thrilled at the chance to see an iconic artist! And a band that my mom actually loved as a young adult. Over the years, my mom had told me stories of some classic songs from The Scorpions and how they reminded her of old boyfriends she dated during her youth. As for the concert itself, it was pretty amazing, and actually the best rock concert I had ever been to. Singer Klaus Miene is now 75 years old, and can still belt out lyrics! He has some strong pipes on him that’s for sure. 

My favorite band member, the handsome lead guitarist Mathias Jabs was thrillingly great on the guitar! The band had performed songs from their latest album which are actually really good, and still have that classic signature sound. And of course, they took from their compilation of amazing music over the years, and performed the instrumental “Coast to Coast,” the ballad “Send Me An Angel,” and MTV video era favorite “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” I was really hoping they would sing my favorite “Still Loving You,” but I didn’t get that lucky. With classic rock being a top genre for me, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and couldn’t believe I was so close to these legends. Famed guitar player Rudolf Schenker was all over the stage that night, and their overall performance was top tier, but not surprising as they are one of the most gifted rock n roll bands ever. Throughout the night, I witnessed many people dressed in their 1980s wear and even spotted a few outrageous 80s wigs which was so much fun visually. The band members themselves wore their signature leather, jeans, and denim. I am really hoping they come back to the U.S., as I will definitely be attending next time in town!


3. Luis Miguel

Known as the “Sol of Mexico,” I got the chance to see Luis Miguel in September 2008, a rarity. I remember dressing up in all black with white pumps, hoping to look cute for the show. Miguel played at the Wamu Theatre in Seattle, which was his first stop on his “Complices” tour, following the release of his album of the same name. An absolute show-stopper, with good looks, a voice to match, and a stage presence you can’t forget, this was one of my favorite live shows ever. I almost felt privileged in attending the show, as Miguel just seems so not likely to come to the Pacific Northwest compared to his frequent stops elsewhere in the US. I remember he sang a variety of hit songs along with a mix from the new album. Dressed in a black suit, with nicely greased hair, he sounded beautiful and looked beautiful just as well. 

Yes, I might have a small crush on him, but his music just melts my heart completely. He is the epitome of class when it pertains to his gorgeous ballads and romantic music. Seeing him live just solidified for me, just how talented he was as his voice was completely on par with his quirky dance moves! Singing ‘Suave,” “No Me Platiques Mas,” and one of my favorites, “Tú y Yo,” I was honestly overwhelmed with so much joy, as his songs transported me to an era of absolutive romance. Luis Miguel is currently on tour, and I plan on attending his concert in town when he comes next Spring, it’s just an absolute must. I highly recommend attending one of his live shows. Be prepared to look your best! 


2. Carman

Back in the 90s, Contemporary Christian Artist Carman was on top of the charts, and on tour with his “Raising The Standard,” show.  I vividly remember how handsome and charismatic he was and I think I even had a crush on him, being I was only around 9 years old! I believe this was the first concert I ever attended. This will go down as one of the best live concerts I have ever witnessed. An Italian-American, Carman was always proud of his roots, and his faith. His concerts weren’t your typical church production as he incorporated dancers, hip hop, rock, country, gospel, and pop, which attracted so many youths at the time. I remember he never charged for his concerts, and he would fill up stadiums all over the world and in the US during the decade. A one-of-a-kind performer to ever grace the stage, he performed songs such as “Revive Us, Oh Lord,” “The Champion,” and “Great God.” The concert was a production of perfection, and his musical content touched on ideals that were taboo in the mainstream such as faith, spirituality tied in with social and political issues affecting the country at the time. Growing up in church, I thank my mom for exposing me to important life lessons in music and for taking me to this once-in-a-lifetime show. I believe I saw him live 3 times during the 1990s. Unfortunately, Carman passed away in 2021, and I remember feeling devastated by the news, but his music will live on and forever tie me back to my formative years.

1. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)- The Wall Tour

Hands down the most fascinating and best concert I’ve ever been to, was Roger Waters’ “The Wall” tour in 2010 which I actually attended again in 2012. When Waters of Pink Floyd announced his worldwide Wall Tour in 2010, I was elated! As a longtime fan of the British progressive psychedelic Pink Floyd, I just had to go! A little background history; Roger Waters is a founding member and primary songwriter of Pink Floyd, a genius musician. Unfortunately, he left the band in the 1980s due to differences within the band. Pink Floyd initially hit their prime in the 1970s when they added additional member and singer David Gilmour. The band is known for such songs as “Another Brick In The Wall,” “Young Lust,” “Wish You Were Here,” and “Dark Side of The Moon.” The highly introspective and politically aware Pink Floyd has numerous songs that touch on politics, social issues, friendship, addiction, and so much more, which is emulated in their 1979 Wall album. 

Much of their lyrics are symbolic and of a deeper meaning than meets the eye, at times controversial. Waters is now a solo artist but performs Pink Floyd classics along with an extravagant production. Attending this concert was an extraordinary experience I will never forget. The stage displayed a huge brick wall along with a screen video. The concert was more of a production, and it really felt like I was watching a film or operatic masterpiece, which is the whole concept of the album really, think….. rock opera. Opening with “In The Flesh?,” there were multiple guys standing with military-style flags dressed in combat gear as Waters strolled along the stage as his character “Pink,” the main protagonist of the album belted out his socially and politically conscious lyrics, “So ya thought ya might like to go to the show, To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow, I got some bad news for you, sunshine, Pink isn’t well, he stayed back at the hotel, ” (In The Flesh). The song ended with a small mechanical airplane, seemingly that came out of nowhere which ended up crashing into the stage as fireworks displayed. I would say this was very creative and entertaining and not surprising as Mr. Waters is known for his elaborate live shows! During “Goodbye Blue Sky,” I remember vividly seeing the huge wall screens with video play of airplanes flying overhead, while lyrics such as “Did you see the frightened ones, did you see the falling bombs,” were sung in reference to wartime. The concert was an amazing production, and a great visual of all 26 songs, performed beginning to end. A complete masterpiece and concept album, Roger Waters delivered in high fashion, and I can say with certainty there has been no better concert production such as this one. Although I disagree with Waters on some of his political stances, I do compliment him as a true innovative and telling artist. 


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