Purple Party: An Upcoming Fundraiser Celebrating Latinitas

Exciting news for the Latinitas community! This year’s annual Purple Party is officially scheduled for June 17th, 2023. Join us for an entire evening of celebration and fun with an exciting Casino Night theme. For readers who are unfamiliar with this annual fundraising event, the purpose of Purple Party is to celebrate 21 amazing years of Latinitas as an organization, while simultaneously raising funds and resources for one of our core programs: Camp Latinitas. Purple Party Casino Night will be hosted at Mueller Branch Park Pavilion in Austin, Texas from 6 to 10 PM. The event will feature live music from the Jennifer D’Spain Quartet and DJ Helios’ signature mixes.  

By attending and supporting Purple Party, you will also be playing a pivotal role in sustaining the Camp Latinitas summer programs planned for the months of June and July. These summer programs are, “a series of week-long intensive day camps serving girls and non-binary students ages 9-14 (4th to 8th grade). Campers will engage in filmmaking, design-thinking, video games, healthy living, entrepreneurial learning, and self-advocacy.” Campers will also make meaningful connections and lifelong memories at Camp Latinitas. 

An example of one of the week-long Camp Latinitas series is Design Chica, a program taking place from July 3rd to the 7th. At this program specifically, campers will collaborate and cultivate crucial skills like web designing and tech fashion. Other Camp Latinitas series include Cine Chica, Power Chica, and more! 

Students attending the amazing Camp Latinitas programs are provided with scholarships made possible by Purple Party and generous contributions from participants. I implore you to consider joining us at Casino Night, where participants will have both a great evening and the opportunity to support Latinitas by positively impacting the experiences of students partaking in Camp Latinitas this summer. 

We have five different contributor packets available for sponsors. Depending on the chosen package and how much is donated, sponsors will also receive different rewards. For example, the highest tier package, All In Contributor, provides 30 Camp Latinitas students with scholarships. Rewards in the All In Contributor package include a speaking opportunity at Purple Party, podium recognition, a podcast and/or magazine interview on our publications, as well as other stunning rewards. 

To find more information and purchase tickets you can click here. As for contributions, the preferred response date is May 15th, 2023. Please contact Gabi@latinitasonline.org if you want to get involved. I hope you will consider joining Latinitas at Purple Party Casino Night for an evening of fun and meaningful change! 



Camp Latinitas: https://latinitasonline.org/programs/camp-latinitas/

Mueller: https://www.muelleraustinevents.com/mueller-amenities/branch-park-pavilion



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