!Que SEAS MAS Atrevida! (Dare to be more)

By Vanessa Ogle, CEO of Enseo

Latinitas right now are living in an age of MAS. As we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution this year, women all over the world dare to be more. They have dared to take a seat at the table that was previously only for men. Que seas MAS ATREVIDA!! Dare to be more! Now there are more women astronauts, more women in Congress, more women Supreme Court Justices, more women State Governors, and more women scientists, who won the Nobel Prize in 2020, than in the past ten years combined! But it is still not enough. We need YOU to dare to be more.  

This is the time for a change and you are making that change happen. Do you realize that young women of color just changed the course of our entire country? And no matter how divided our nation is right now, there is something that unifies us: science and technology. What do we all need right now? We need more science! Think about how awesome it is that the world is currently waiting for the nerds and the scientists to make breakthroughs on medical treatments, vaccines, and ways to sanitize. The world is ready to celebrate science. GO GEEKS!

I challenge you, even as you dare to be more, to be more grateful. Sometimes it’s easy to wonder how your life could be different. As we enter this holiday season with a world in turmoil, take a moment to find the things each and every day for which you are grateful. You can be grateful for the women who are paving the way. You can be grateful for the women who brought you into this world. You can be grateful for the women who dedicate their lives to teach and encourage you to learn all you can. Gratefulness and grace are two signs of a true leader. 

Vanessa Ogle, CEO of Enseo. According to their website, Enseo is renowned for delivering sustainable innovation to people places including the hospitality and education markets.

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris has achieved greatness. The first thing she did when she gave her acceptance speech was to express gratitude. She thanked all the men and women who came before her to give her the foundation to be more. She thanked her mother for taking a risk to be more. She thanked the women of all colors who voted for her with confidence. She also acknowledged, with a smile, that her mother probably didn’t quite imagine this moment. 

As a mother, I am proud of my daughters, and of YOU, and of what you can be. We may not know exactly what or who you will choose to become, but we know you will do great things. I can’t possibly imagine the incredible science or technology that my daughters can create. But, I know they (and you) can create science and technology that will make our world a better place. 

My daughter, Sophia, will vote in the 2024 presidential election. Her younger sibling in the following election. Their voices matter. Their votes will be counted. Their contributions will be measured as will yours. 

What are you passionate about? Who needs your help and attention? Remember many parts of life can be made better by the right line of code or the right technological or scientific breakthrough. Find a heart of gratitude that will center you, take aim at your passion, and fuel your trajectory with education and hard work, and there is nothing you can’t do. But above all… QUE SEAS MAS ATREVIDA!! When you dare to be more for you, it will make the world a better place! 

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