Thee Sacred Souls Bring Sweet Soul To Seattle

While currently on their much-anticipated tour in the United States, Thee Sacred Souls made a recent stop in Seattle on Sunday, February 26th, and they did not disappoint! The band hails from San Diego, California, and has emerged over the past few years with a nostalgic and captivating sound. Signed to Daptone Records, Thee Sacred Souls released their first self-titled album in 2022, which contains 12 songs, depicting loss, heartbreak, and romance. Their debut album has garnered much attention from music lovers and fans alike, catapulting them into the mainstream. The talented trio consists of singer Joshua Lane, bassist Sal Samano, and drummer Alex Garcia. The band’s sound is also a great reflection of the past, most notably the 1960s and 70s with roots consisting of Brown-eyed Chicano Soul and R&B. Lane’s vocals can be compared to the likes of legendary singers Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, and at times the band takes on reminiscent qualities of groups such as Bloodstone.

Playing to a sold-out crowd at the historic Crocodile venue in downtown Seattle, the band opened the show with “Overflowing,” a lovely ballad describing a strong and genuine love for a woman. As singer Joshua Lane belted out the band’s sweet-soulful tunes throughout the show, the crowd readily and wildly sang each lyric word for word. The majority of the crowd consisted of young Chicano and Latino couples which isn’t surprising considering how much this particular genre is popular within the Latino community, especially in lowrider culture. Talented backing musicians and female vocalists supported the band, adding to the show’s retro ambiance and overall sound quality. Artist and soul singer Jalen Ngonda opened the show which was an added delight and compliment to the concert. For me, attending the show was a privilege as it was my first official concert at The Crocodile. This particular venue has historical roots tracing back to the days of Seattle Grunge and is co-owned by multiple people including Susan Silver, former wife of the late singer Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), and manager to Seattle band Alice in Chains, along with Sean Kinney the drummer to Alice in Chains. My excitement was definitely through the roof, and I’m hoping to run into Susan if I ever get the chance.

The venue has been famous for hosting many up-and-coming artists through the years, making it the perfect location for Thee Sacred Souls to showcase their music. Although the current location is not the original, the nostalgic memories of iconic artists from the past still remain.

Included in the interior of the venue was a crocodile-like figurine hanging from the ceiling and a bar near the back which was busy all night. I chose to stand near the stage to the left which was a perfect choice in the end as I had a great view. This paid off because in the middle of the show, singer Josh Lane happened to make his way through the crowd amongst the fans, and I was able to grab onto him since he was literally right in front of me. As he worked his way through the crowd I could hear him through the roars of the fans. The show was overall consistent with the album, and the band performed most if not all their songs. Some notable tunes that got the crowd going include “It’s Our Love,” “Weak For Your Love,” and “For Now.” 

As the show was wrapping up the band exited the stage, and all I could hear were screams from the audience for more. Then a few minutes later, the crowd erupted with wild applause as they suddenly reappeared for an encore which ended the concert on a high note. 

During their encore, the band performed “Can I Call You a Rose,” I loved how singer Josh Lane held multiple red roses in his hand, it made for a great visual aspect. I was hoping he would throw them into the crowd, but maybe it was a good thing he chose not to, as that could have caused some frenzy among fans, especially in the tight-quartered venue. Another notable song that was performed included “Sorrow for Tomorrow,” an emotional tune about the heartbreak of losing a loved one. The song speaks of healing and actually provides a danceable groove to it.

In the end, I was happy to be close to the stage to witness such amazing music from an authentic band. As a lover of Classic Oldies, Chicano Soul, and R&B, the show hit right on the mark for me and transported me back to an era that I can only dream of. The diverse nature of the band also makes Thee Sacred Souls all the more unique and special. Seattle is not typically known for its Chicano culture, but that night inside The Crocodile, my fellow Chicanos and Latinos were all in sync as we celebrated the sounds of beautiful sweet-soul music. Before I left the show, I had the chance to grab a scrumptious hotdog from the food area and that just made my night all the better. Until next time, I will be anticipating another memorable performance from this amazingly-talented band.

Check out Thee Sacred Souls and their self-titled album here, and be sure to follow them on Instagram for tour updates. 



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