Northwest Hospitality Holds Fundraiser for Seattle’s Unhoused

Based in Seattle, Washington, Northwest Hospitality is a non-profit dedicated to changing the narrative of the homeless crisis that has affected the Pacific Northwest, most especially in Seattle and its surrounding areas. The non-profit organization was founded in 2016 by Executive Director Anton Preisinger and aims to help and provide resources for the community. Seattle, unfortunately, has been battling a homeless crisis that really picked up this last decade, and can be attributed to the increase in rent, housing, substance abuse, and addiction.  

Inspired by these environmental changes, Preisinger set out to contribute positively and thus NW Hospitality was created in the process, “After spending several years working in Seattle and meeting people who were unhoused and asking for help, I introduced myself while they were looking for lunch out of trash cans and I would take them to lunch to get to know them. So, I really wanted to do some outreach efforts by getting basic supplies and connecting people to resources,” Preisinger said. Eventually, he decided to start his own organization after volunteering with other programs in the city. Preisinger and his non-profit then started implementing resources for people such as handing out hygiene kits and hospitality cards to the community which included cards to purchase food, “I would add more money to them every Monday so that they could get meals on their own time which could be more flexible than a food bank or so. And soon, we started getting to know people through those programs,” he explained.

One issue Preisinger noticed was the need for maintaining the encampment areas where many unhoused lived, and he wanted to spread more awareness for compassion for the community, “Getting volunteers involved so that they can understand people’s situations better and gain an understanding of homelessness is important. And from there, we developed a mobile closet where we can bring clothes and supplies out to people,” he said. Preisinger also believes in the importance of encouragement and building a trusted community environment, “Being there for people and helping them feel like there is a community and that they aren’t completely alone is crucial even if they are far away from solutions that are actually going to get them out of homelessness. That’s kind of what Northwest Hospitality was built around,” he said. In other words, providing a compassionate and understanding approach to those suffering from homelessness by being a voice for change and support is key to helping the community, and NW Hospitality is all about support and compassion.

Currently, the organization is working on securing grants and funding that will expand their services for people. Recently, the organization held its annual Spring Benefit in March which included guests artists, catering, and a silent auction. The benefit’s purpose is to raise funds for the non-profit, and this year had a great turnout and made for a successful evening.

For those interested in volunteering or donating to NW Hospitality’s mission, visit their website here for more information.


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