AUSTIN, Tx.Latinitas’ fourth Media Chica cohort hopped on a Zoom call and recorded a podcast! With over 1.5 million podcasts to listen and choose from, the chicas learned how to target a podcast towards their ideal audience. 

The Media Chica Certification Program is a six-week course designed to train high school girls to become digital storytellers and learn and hear from professionals to enhance their creative skills. 

In order to develop their podcasts, the chicas brainstormed their program personality: ideal public, language (scripted, interview, informal, etc.), and program message. 

Two groups went live on Media Chica to each discuss Latinx Music. Group one discussed music they grew up listening to and group two expressed the need for more women representation in mariachi music. 

Make sure to listen in on the podcast our chicas produced! 

Latinx Music

Natallie: Well, I kind of grew up in it when I was younger. And I don’t think I remember the first time I was introduced to it, but when I was younger, I would always dance to Cumbia. I listened to that a lot and then I got into my Merengue as I got older because my parents are always like putting on salsa and things like that. And then when I think when I was in elementary school, I was introduced to Reggaeton, which maybe doesn’t bring out  the best message but it has a really good rhythm.

Women in Music 

Mia: Question is, why is it important to you that we need more women in Mariachi?

Isabella: For the longest time, it’s been a male dominant industry. And a lot of the songs are actually for males. There’s not a lot that you can transpose to a woman’s voice. So the more women there are, the more availability that we can have. And only a few years ago a spur of growth (happened for) women and only for women in Mariachi.  I think it could be really important for it to grow even more.

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