By Manoela Torres

The hollow of lifeless soil
Bleeds injustice and punctures lives
This scar they sow, so splendidly cruel

The scar unties soil
It separates blood, lacks life
It dissects landscapes, starves dreams


This victory of an unpromised land
Stabs imperfection and corrupts chained eutopia
It absorbs the prayers of the voices that need to be heard the most

The scar has slithered through history
It rests on dismantling the truth
I guess it is because, if they focus on a scar they won’t see their bodily wounds

About the writer:

Manoela Torres is a Brazilian writer majoring in Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Art history at Barnard College. She has already worked as a translator for renowned Nobel-award nominee author Carlos Near as well as a blog and article writer for Alouet Consulting and Theideamixradio.

Manoela posts her writing on her Instagram profile @thestreetpoetess and on her website and is currently working on her first poetry book, “The Moon And her Letters” with Brazilian artist Zamba.