Club Latinitas

Club Latinitas is an after-school girl empowerment program where chicas of all backgrounds learn to build confidence while expressing themselves creatively through media, technology, art, and culture.


In this program, students are mentored and guided by trained program leaders teaching blogging, photography, video and audio production, web and graphic design, podcasting, but also game and app design, coding, robotics and virtual and augmented reality.


Having the mentors we do has made Latinitas the only bicultural and bilingual tech education agency in Texas for over 16 years and one of a handful nationally.


As a result, girls are empowered to develop their own voice in the world of media and within the technology industry.



Clubs meet once to twice a week during after-school programming for the fall and spring semesters. Club Latinitas is open to girls of all backgrounds, 3rd-5th grade.


Fall 2018 AISD Elementary Schools:

Barrington •  Govalle  • Guerrero Thompson  • Linder   Perez • TA Brown • Walnut Creek  •  Widen •  Wooten


Meets weekly after-school during the school year. Open to girls in grades 4 through 8th at various schools, public libraries, and housing authorities. Partners: Housing Authority of the City of El Paso: Atlas, Eisenhower, Sherman, Marmolejo, Kennedy, Baird, Johnson, Moorehead, Tays, Truman.


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To view the work of the girls in Club Latinitas, visit Channel Latinitas on YouTube or Latinitas Radio on Soundcloud.

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