Club Latinitas Celebrates Black History Month

Dear Mrs. Ruby Bridges-Hall

My name is Belinda. I’m an eighth-grader in San Antonio, Texas, and a Hispanic girl highly moved and inspired by your story. I am fascinated at your strength to continue going to a school that didn’t accept you, your refusal to let anyone make you feel small or unworthy. I don’t think I would’ve had your same courage had I been in your place.

I hope to one day achieve your same level of strength and determination.

You are such an inspiration and huge role model for girls of color and people all around the globe. You didn’t let racism question your self-worth or shape your character. And even when the whole world seemed to be against you, pushing on kept you going. Again I don’t think I would’ve had that same fiery spirit. Finally, I wanted to ask you if there was ever a moment that almost broke you? And if there was, how did you overcome it?

I have also experienced humiliation and rejection from certain people, people who have made me question my self-value. Am I really worth it? But reading your story allowed me to confidently say yes, ‘I am worth it.’ And I shouldn’t let my skin, ethnicity, gender, or religion ever make me question that. And today, I’m a little more confident thanks to you, Mrs. Bridges. 

So thank you for standing against racism, inspiring girls of color and believing in education. You are a role model to so many and have changed so many lives. Mine included.



About the writer:

Belinda is based in San Antonio, Texas. She loves writing, reading and playing soccer. Belinda is passionate about social movements that have the potential to change the world. She has various layers in her life: hobbies, relationships, and many dreams she hopes to accomplish in the future. When she’s not being stubborn or sobbing by watching Turkish series, she is likely working on calligraphy and sewing clothing accessories.

About Club Latinitas:

For the month of February, Club Latinitas focused on celebrating Black History Month by learning of its history and educating ourselves. The project was to research a Black woman of their choosing and write a letter to them. In the letter, the Chicas expressed their admiration and why they choose to spotlight them. The Chicas shared with each other their research as well as their letter to their group.

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  • Anna Martinez

    My name is Anna Martinez. I am New Mexico born and raised, however, my family is from Chihuahua Mexico. I am a recent graduate of St. Edwards University where I majored in Global Studies and Writing and Rhetoric. I enjoy writing about powerful Latina role models and I enjoy expanding on my learning through Latinitas. I think that by having powerful Latina role models we can change many of the narratives within our community, unite as women, and find power within ourselves. My hope is that my writing inspires young Latinas and incites change within our Latino communities.

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