5 Latino Artists On The Rise From Seattle

If you’re looking to tap into some new music this fall, check out these 5 upcoming artists out of the Seattle, WA area. Spanish language Latino music has quickly become the new staple in American mainstream culture with many artists finding success crossing over into the English speaking market. In today’s music scene, many Latino artists have been able to cater to fans while singing both in Spanish and English.  This list is an example of some young musicians out of the Pacific Northwest who are breaking into the music industry, and are sure to make their way up the charts. 


David Lara Aguilar

With over 14,000 followers on Instagram, singer David Lara Aguilar is an upcoming artist in regional Mexican music. Lara Aguilar has tapped into a mix of style’s of music such as corridos, banda, and mariachi. One of his first single’s “Eras Mi Princesa” was released in 2017, and features a corrido style ballad. Lara Aguilar is also an accomplished accordian player, and you will often see him around town performing at venues in the Seattle area including Burien’s El Habanero. Earlier this year, he opened up for Banda El Recodo in Medford, Oregon. In February, he released a collaboration single called “ZIN E ZIN” by DJ Doppamine also featuring Tunisian rapper Gati. In this single, Lara Aguilar’s smooth vocals compliment the dance style track. Learn more about David at the links below. 

 David Lara Aguilar on Instagram



 Ally Nova

Ally Nova is a Colombian and bilingual singer based in the Seattle area. She just released some new sizzling singles this summer that are sure to get you dancing! Her distinct beautiful voice can be heard on the reggaeton styled “Solo Pa Mi”, released in July, and the smooth danceable track “Corazon Roto” released in early September.  Nova will be performing October 26th at the Metropolitan Banquet Hall in Renton, Washington along with other local talent. This up-and-coming star is one to check out! Stream her latest singles on digital streaming devices such as Apple Music. 

Ally Nova on Instagram




Yahritza Y Su Esencia

Hailing from Yakima, Washington, 15-year-old Yahritza Martinez has already made a name for herself with her trio sibling band Yahritza Y Su Esencia. The band consists of Martinez and her two older brothers Jairo and Armando, both on guitar.  Martinez officially became the youngest Latino artist to chart on Billboard’s Hot 100, with the single “Soy El Unico”, a song about heartbreak. The trio band originates from Yakima, which is located east of Seattle and is known for its large Mexican American population and jobs in agriculture. The band gained a massive following after their videos went viral on TikTok which displayed self-taught- musicianship. With over 2.2 million followers on TikTok, Yahritza and her brothers are on their way to superstardom in regional Mexican music. 

Yahritza Y Su Esencia on Instagram



AGHEN is a Colombian reggaeton music artist based out of both the Seattle and Miami area. A rising star, he boasts over 11K followers on Instagram, and has performed at many local venues in Seattle including Club Sur, and at Latinx Music Night during Fremont Fridays this past summer. So far, he has released a variety of singles, and brings a fresh vibe to the genre of reggaeton. Check out the single “Chocolate,” from 2020, a danceable relaxing tune featuring his effortless vocals, and  “Shawty” which was released last year. The music video for “Shawty” features the beautiful Seattle skyline, and Pike Place Market, a popular local and tourist  attraction in the city. AGHEN’s music is a mix of Urbano Latino, R&B and reggaeton. His talent will no doubt make it’s way to the national Latin music scene, and capture the hearts of fans. Check more out at the following links.

AGHEN on Instagram




Junef Pagan is a reggaeton rapper originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Now based in  Seattle, Junef has started to make a name for himself by performing at local events and collaborating with fellow rapper C-Kortez. Earlier this year, Junef performed alongside C-Kortez at the Miss Washington Latina pageant,  where they released new single “Pasarela”, which is now the organization’s official pageant theme. The video features many contestants from the pageant and was filmed in the Seattle area. So far, the video has garnered over 10K views on Junef’s YouTube channel. Last year, Junef released his album “Step One”, filled with reggaeton flavored songs. Find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Junef on Instagram


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