Club Latinitas Celebrates Women’s History Month

AUSTIN, Texas – March is here which means that Spring is finally upon us! Our chica’s minds are blooming just like spring flowers. March also marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. The epitome of it all is on March 8, International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day started in New York City in February 1908, when thousands of women protested against unfair working conditions in the garment industry. Much like today, women are still fighting to break the glass ceiling.

Throughout Club Latinitas, we spoke with the chicas about women of color who amaze us everyday. The chicas chose a woman who inspired them and created a video or graphic to showcase their admiration.  

Here are the amazing woman who inspire our chicas to achieve their dreams: 

1. Jennifer Lopez 

Graphic by Mykala and Kathya.

“We think Jennifer is an inspiration because she has dedicated her life to pursuing her dreams,” said Mykala and Kathya.

2. Camila Cabello

Graphic by Delilah and Zitlali.

 “Camila Cabello is an inspiration to me because she is a singer and because she’s a Latina. She is a role model to me because she speaks Spanish and is a singer, writer and actress. She was born March 3 and she has a middle name, her full name is: Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao,” Zitlali said.

3. Cardi B

Graphic by Jailah.

“Cardi B is an inspiration to me because she is an independent woman that has inspired me to be me and to not listen to others that have nothing good to say about me or other people,” Jailah said.

4. Gigi Bryant 

Graphic by Alyssa, Ariana and Silvia.

“She accomplished being a great basketball player and we all want to play basketball like her,” said Silvia, Ariana and Alyssa.

5. Rose 

Graphic by Meylin.

 “This is Rose and she inspires me by her voice and her personality. She is awesome, ” Meylin said.

6. Shakira


“I want to be like her because she is a great belly dancer,” Kimberly said.

7. Becky G


“I like her performances and she is very smart,” Malaya said.

8. Avani Gregg

“She is my favorite TikToker and whatever thought she has in her head, she talks about it on her TikTok,” Haylee said.

Our chicas are innovating through technology and media everyday! It’s important for them to identify with a successful woman who they see themselves in. In time, they will become a role model for future girls to look up to.

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  • Anna Martinez

    My name is Anna Martinez. I am New Mexico born and raised, however, my family is from Chihuahua Mexico. I am a recent graduate of St. Edwards University where I majored in Global Studies and Writing and Rhetoric. I enjoy writing about powerful Latina role models and I enjoy expanding on my learning through Latinitas. I think that by having powerful Latina role models we can change many of the narratives within our community, unite as women, and find power within ourselves. My hope is that my writing inspires young Latinas and incites change within our Latino communities.

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