Club Latinitas Learns Journalism

AUSTIN, Texas – We are onto week two of our at home activities and we are turning our chicas into journalists for the week! Earlier this semester, the girls learned the different types of journalism such as news, columns, reviews and investigative. Now, the chicas got to put their press hats on!

While at home, Club Latinitas participants learned the importance of feature journalism, which is also known as creative journalism. Featured journalism produces what is known as ‘human-interest’ pieces because they report on a subject in a fun and in-depth way. Feature journalists have the option to report on a range of topics such as people, places, food, animals, and so much more. 

Since feature articles are often accompanied with a video or photo essay that gives the audience an image to follow as they read, the chicas were to pick a topic like a profile on a family member or pet or how-to piece and create a video or photo essay to go along with it. 

Check out our reporters in the making:

1. Still unsure what the Coronavirus is? Madaly gives a thorough explanation on it!

2. Madison draws her heart out!

“One of my favorite hobbies is drawing. My love for art started at a young age. I won one of my first art contests in pre-k and my artistic skills have only grown. I have always been around artists. My father and siblings are very creative and artistic, so it comes natural to me. I had my art displayed at a museum in elementary. I won first place in an art contest and won a Chromebook once. Most of my friends share the same hobbies. My bedroom is filled with drawings that I like to hang. When I am at home, I like working on art projects with my dad. I always get compliments on my work. I have all kinds of art supplies to keep me entertained for hours. My parents encourage my creativity, so I get a lot of support from them and my friends. I think I can see myself doing something with my gift when I grow up.”

3. Meet Mia’s family pet!

4. Get the latest updates on COVID-19 with Liliana!

5. Let’s hop over to meet Anna’s bunnies!

In a world where we have access to news and catastrophes 24/7, it’s nice to read a story that introduces you to someone or something new. These stories can inspire us to build a better world where we respect each other and what we go through.

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  • Anna Martinez

    My name is Anna Martinez. I am New Mexico born and raised, however, my family is from Chihuahua Mexico. I am a recent graduate of St. Edwards University where I majored in Global Studies and Writing and Rhetoric. I enjoy writing about powerful Latina role models and I enjoy expanding on my learning through Latinitas. I think that by having powerful Latina role models we can change many of the narratives within our community, unite as women, and find power within ourselves. My hope is that my writing inspires young Latinas and incites change within our Latino communities.

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