How Latinitas’ “Padres Digitales” is Bridging the Digital Literacy Gap for Spanish-Speakers

Padres Digitales is one of many programs offered within the Latinitas organization. Latinitas’ overall mission is to empower young women and nonbinary kids by providing opportunities to learn new skills in media and technology. Padres Digitales (Digital Parents) is a family program that aims to provide lessons to Spanish-speaking parents who want to learn digital literacy. Program coordinator Aliyah Zavala gives us more insight into what people can expect, “The program was created for Latino parents who need help with digital literacy, it’s important for us to bridge the gap,” she said. “Lots of Latino parents struggle with tech, and moving to a new country that has high tech, they tend to fall behind. So we offer lessons of basic levels for computer skills, and how to create an email account, how to send emails, and more,” she adds. 

The program also helps parents learn how to navigate their children’s school portals, and programs such as Zoom, Google Translate, Google Meet, and other online necessities such as learning how to order groceries online via HEB, and even creating bank accounts. A series of about 5 classes is offered, and once completed parents can receive a free laptop courtesy of Latinitas. Parents will find that learning such technology is essential and offers a great and convenient way to help navigate their daily activities and work/life balance. 

Overall, the program is open to the public, and anyone can sign up. Padres Digitales is a great way to learn some computer skills and will help Spanish-speaking parents utilize technology to their advantage. If you are interested in attending the next series, follow the Padres Digitales Facebook group, and Latinitas on social media. There are also online video lessons available via the Latinitas website under Family Programs.



Latinitas – Latinitas (

Padres Digitales y Tech Familia – Latinitas (

(2) Padres Digitales | Facebook

Padres Digitales Video Series – YouTube

Padres Digitales: Segundo Programa – YouTube



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