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Chingona y Poderosa: Elena Flores on changing the conversation surrounding powerful women

By Anna Martinez Chingona. This is one of the words Elena Flores uses to describe herself.  “It is a word that can have a negative connotation, but women ta... Read more.
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Adriana Velasco is on a mission to empower all girls one Barbie at a time

Compiled by Anna Martinez Adriana Velasco is using her Mexican background to bring an intersectional lens to Mattel, ensuring that every little girl will one da... Read more.
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How dietician Maria Mendoza is helping Latinos eat healthier and happier one cultural dish at a time

Compiled by Anna Martinez Maria Mendoza was drawn to the field of nutrition after having an honest conversation with herself about what she was passionate about... Read more.
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5 Latina authors who empowered this aspiring Colombian author

By Martina Vásquez I have always wanted to write. Since I was a baby, I would grab any book from my parents’ library, open it in the middle, and start tellin... Read more.
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Meet Roseangel Conde, the Peruvian-Ecuadorian artist taking Spotify by storm

By Anna Martinez “Never put limits on yourself no matter where you come from, don’t let it define you and always chase your dreams,” says Roseangel Co... Read more.