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Living baldly (or boldly) with Michelle Faraco

By Raven N. Garza AUSTIN, Tx.—After spending the majority of her life trying to fit in with society’s beauty standards and perception of “normalcy,” Mic... Read more.
Career Planning, Spotlights

A Business Hecho con Amor: Q&A with Founder Elena Flores

By Raven N. Garza AUSTIN, Tx.—It’s exciting to think about owning your own business someday. By creating a company that’s uniquely yours, you can dedicate... Read more.

The Texicana Mamas Create a Roadmap for Latinas

By Raven N. Garza AUSTIN, Tx.—You can’t have a Zoom call without a few technical difficulties, right? Stephanie Urbina Jones and Patricia Vonne texted the m... Read more.

Life as a Latina Rocker

By Raven N. Garza AUSTIN, Texas— I was 11-years-old when I attended my first concert. It was an intense night in the Rio Grande Valley with cover bands that w... Read more.
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5 Latinas Who are Making an Impact in Entertainment

By Raven N. Garza AUSTIN, Texas— As someone who was born early enough to be a Millenial and just late enough to be considered Gen Z, I grew up watching an int... Read more.